Ralph Charles & Associates, Inc. delivers the industry standard in sports field construction, maintenance and renovation. We provide a full range of sports field improvement services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. For the past two decades, we have provided sports field services for professional sports facilities, colleges, private schools and recreational facilities, offering exceptional laser grading, infield, home plate and mound construction. Laser technology allows for unprecedented uniformity that results in superior field finishing.

Over-Seeding Programs

We offer over-seeding of Bermuda grass. We use only premium perennial and annual ryegrass seed. Our over-seeding programs include complete fertilization and bio-stimulant applications to ensure optimum results.

Deep-tine and Shallow Aeration

Seasonal play, frequent mowing, compacts soil. Aeration increases air, water, and fertilizer exchange in the soil and reduces compaction with thatch. We provide everything from shallow core aeration methods to deep-tine aeration using solid or coring tines.


Topdressing improves turf density, vigor and overall health. During spring and summer, Bermuda grass athletic fields require topdressing and/or re-leveling. Laser grading equipment is the most effective means of re-leveling existing playing surfaces.

Fertilization and Weed Control Programs

Written turf programs designed especially for you and your facilities. These programs are developed based on current conditions, soil analysis, turf type and amount of playing time.


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